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“Sharing a love of the natural world though photography and videography”11999615_10207695811097211_2989517347301415276_o

Kaiti Chritz is a photographer and filmmaker located in Lansing, Michigan. She has a dual degree from Central Michigan University in Biology and Photojournalism.

Currently, Kaiti works for  Potter Park Zoo as their full time communications manager.

Biology stood out as a passion for Kaiti early on, and photography videography followed soon after. She hopes to share her passion of conservation and biology, in particular nature and wildlife, through her photos and videos- making the subject more approachable to those who have not studied the sciences. Naturally, landscapes and wildlife are some of her favorite subjects to capture, but she also enjoys studio work, including still life and portraiture, and human interest. She has a special interest in photo editing with a keen eye for toning, cropping and color correction to make photos the best they can be.

Photo Editing Examples: 


Current Position: 

Communications Manager – Potter Park Zoo

Previous Positions: 

Michigan State University – Kellogg Center Social Media Coordinator

Marketing and Media Intern – Potter Park Zoo

Photo Editor: Central Michigan Life www.cm-life.com

Alaska OASLC Media Intern: (Kenai Fjords National Park and Katmai National Park) http://www.nps.gov/OASLC

Photo Editor: Grand Central Magazine (Campus Life, Style, Sports, Opinion) gcmag.org/kaitichritz 

Photography Intern: CMU College of Science and Technology: www.facebook.com/cstatcmu


Contact Me:

Kaiti Chritz (989)488-8928

Email: kaitichritz@gmail.com


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